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Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Eneas Project

Spain | 2016

Equipment for A2011 alloy extruded bars production

This Project evaluates upstream integration viability by including in current processes the manufacturing of AA2011 alloy extruded bars with 15 to 29 mm diameter. Until then these bars were raw material bought from outside.

This entailed to carry out in a new Plant, first the melting, casting, homogenate and comprehensive inspection of AA2011 alloy 8” diameter “billets” and next extrusion operations, wire-drawing, straightening and cut of the bars. Capacity would be around 2000 T/year.

According to this premise we have carried out Plant Engineering with a detailed “lay out” with innovative equipment by means of which, and by an automatic process, billets were casted, homogenized and 100% ultrasonically inspected. Whereupon, billets were stored in an automatic vertical storage from which they were extracted, cut and automatically extruded and tempered by water dip treatment at extrusion press exit.

Linum Project

Spain | 2018

Production of Al and alloy coils and sheets

This Project evaluates integrated production, up to 30.000 T/year of Al and alloy coils and/or sheets in 1xxx, 3xxx and 8xxx alloys with finishing thicknesses between 0,2 and 2 mm, in several widths, raw material being secondary aluminium ingot and a low percentage of coated scrap. It would allow a strategic upgrade of investment Group current activities that will lead to a greater diversification of finished products and consequently improve operating results. It has been foreseen enough space to duplicate production.

This would involve to carry out in a new “green field” Plant, first, melting and casting of coils up to 12 T weight (including spool weight) in the mentioned alloys, and further on, in these same coils, rolling operations, annealing, and in some of them tension levelling with degreasing and slitting.

According to this premise we have carried out Plant Engineering by means of a detailed “lay out” prioritizing an accurate analysis of material flows and a minimum handling of coils by the operators, leaving this responsibility to automatic and intelligent machinery.

Lava Project

Spain | 2017

Black slags recovery Plant

Within this Project we have evaluated treatment in a new black slags recovery Plant, located in the north of Spain, of “black slags” produced in some steel factories and have considered, among others, the following points:

– Definition of installations and machines which could be removed by current user as well as estimation of its value according to market parameters.

– Analysis of potential use that the owner of installations and slags generator who needs to treat it for environmental reasons could give to these assets in other installations.

– Comparison with other treatment options carried out in different Plants for the same purposes.

– Black slags evaluation (ferric content)